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How about that voice?


You might have a great voice, but voice-over acting is not just about your voice.  It really is more about what you can do with your voice.  That’s right!  Voice-over work is really more about ACTING!  It’s about effectively communicating a message to an unseen audience and conveying emotion and speaking style through the sound of your voice.

You might be the best entertainer at every family function.  You might tell the best stories; every cousin begs you to tell the story again, and again, and you might get all the laughs (secretly you want to be a stand-up comedian), BUT none of that means that you will be a good voice-over actor.  You might be able to convey drama in the most convincing way, BUT… That is not necessarily related to voice-acting. 

Now, if you happen to be a voice-over actor, with a talent that goes beyond family entertainment, then you undoubtedly are committed to the craft, and have most-likely done the following:

  • Studied voice-acting with a coach, at a community college, or a voice-over training program.
  • You have a driving desire to perform
  • You LOVE reading script out loud
  • You’ve attended voice-over workshops.

The following skills are paramount to your voice-acting career success:

  • Clearness in your vocal articulation–always keeping the balance.
  • Consistency in everything you read/perform.  This includes, pacing, volume, annunciation, articulation, energy and volume control.
  • The ability to read copy, advertising, script lines, or anything written, and be the VOICE for whatever or whoever you’re representing.
  • Enthusiasm, even if the writing is less-than fun.
  • Being GOOD at cold-readings.  This has nothing to do with the weather.  This is a skill that MUST be developed if your going to work as an effective voice-actor.  This is all about eye-brain-mouth coordination that can only improve with out loud read-through practice.  Reading out loud will help strengthen this skill immensely.
  • As a voice-actor, you need to be able to consistently adapt to many kinds of characters.
  • You must be convincing.  This is not about being a good used car salesman…NO.  This is about embracing the moment, the product, the character…You are a motivator; you’re a teacher, and you’re a motivator.
  • You must have incredible voice control.  Much like an opera singer, who controls their breath (abdomen) volume and pitch.
  • You must be convincing…

If you are a voice-actor and are interested in being able to practice script read-through rehearsals, you may want to check out  It’s a great place to promote your talent, while perfecting your craft!

Voice Actors Click Here:  Voice Actors Wanted


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