Reading your screenplay outloud…


Every actor and screenwriter alike are told to read their lines and/or script OUT LOUD!  Why is that?  Some might think it’s pointless or a real time-waster, but it does have its advantages.  Sometimes, when we write, we don’t tend to see the fluff and filler stuff, or the extra added dialogue that will clutter up a script.  Reading your screenplay out-loud helps to flush out the writing, the characters and the storyline.  It’s amazing how fast we realize that things are or are not working when we read them out-loud.  In addition, doing a read-through of your script, whether in-the-moment or listening to a recording, helps establish and identify the writing, and establish the characters more.  It becomes so much easier to look objectively at your plot, character development, and the directives.

It is paramount for an actor to rehearse his or her lines out-loud.  Truthfully, if  you only rehearse lines in your head, you stand the chance of assuming that you know your lines far better than you do.  In addition, an actor has to practice his or her sound with the neck and throat muscles, with the lung muscles, the abdomen and the face. The number one rule of rehearsing lines is to rehearse them out loud. If you’re only rehearsing your lines in your head, your mind can play tricks on you and give you the illusion that you know your lines when you read them and learn them silently. Rehearsing your lines out loud will help to establish whether you “really” know your lines or not.

So, for screenwriters and actors alike, it’s all about read-through rehearsals! is a GREAT way to practice script read-through rehearsals, while promoting your talent!